RS-2450 Epoxy Syntactic Foam

RS-2450 is a castable, epoxy based syntactic foam material that is a rigid plastic that can be custom molded to complex shapes or sold as plate stock. This material is a combination of our RS-2240 epoxy and hollow glass microballoons. This material is lighter than water so can it be used as a buoyant material, or a simply utilized as a light weight plastic. It is electrically non-conductive, and has low thermal conductivity. This material has good mechanical properties, and superior resistance to chemicals including acids and mild alkalines.

Approximate Cured Properties

Color White, Black or Custom
Density .027 Lb/cu in
Volume Resistivity 1×10 14 ohms/cm
Water Absorption .05%
Heat Distortion Temp 220 deg F
Thermal Conductivity < .2 Watts/Meter x K