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Computed Anatomy Corporation

For the joy stick handle, adjustment knob and patient chin rest used in the Computed Anatomy TMS-2 instrument, RESIN SYSTEMS uses a flexible elastomeric urethane resin formulation to yield parts with the right feel and texture to ensure optimal comfort for both the patient and the instrument operator. Cast Urethane Elastomer Parts Enhance Comfort Factor for Ophthalmologic Instrument Operators and Patients Computed Anatomy Corporation of New York, NY is an electronic engineering firm that for a...

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BYK-Gardner USA

Produced by RESIN SYSTEMS, the protective enclosure for the BYK-Gardner color view spectrophotometer is a filled urethane casting that measures 12″ x 15″ x 6″ with a uniform wall thickness of ¼” and tolerances as close as +/-.005″. Cast Resin Instrument Enclosure Safeguards Critical Spectrophotometer Components BYK-Gardner USA of Columbia, MD designs and manufactures state-of-the-art quality control instrumentation — for example, spectrophotometers, colorimeters and gloss meters. These are...

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Markem Corporation

Cast from toughened epoxy resin, the cartridge housing for the film drive mechanism of the Q2000 Optimark system is produced by RESIN SYSTEMS with tolerances as tight as +/-.001″. Cast Epoxy Housing for Laser Print Mechanism Ensures Proper Alignment and Tracking in Production Line Marking Applications MARKEM Corporation of Keene, New Hampshire, manufactures the industry’s most extensive line of in-plant marking and decorating equipment. Best known for the systems and supplies it provides to...

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