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Liquid resin casting is a unique method of producing custom, precision plastic components, subassemblies, and enclosures for virtually any industrial, high technology, scientific, or medical application. Typically much more economical than machining either plastic or metal parts. Our tooling costs are 10% that of injection molding with a 3-4 week turnaround on new parts. Resin Systems manufactures parts in various colors, textures and durometers. This approach is equally beneficial for short-run prototyping and longer-run production volumes. Resin Systems’ expert staff can work from mechanical or CAD drawings, SLA models and other modes of specification. Our process is well suited for many types of overmolding and encapsulations, such as either epoxy or urethane over specialty brass inserts, specialty fabricated metal components or other plastic material.

Who Benefits from Liquid Resin Castings?

  • Design Engineers looking for proven ways to eliminate time and cost barriers, by producing rapid, economical, high quality prototypes leading to production castings.
  • Product Development and Manufacturing Professionals seeking to exploit narrow windows of opportunity and confronted by the long delays associated with the injection molding tooling process.
  • Marketing Managers who want to exploit smaller niche markets where high volume, long lead time manufacturing processes could not be cost-justified.
  • Manufacturing Management seeking more economical production methods than machined plastic components.

Process Versatility Increases Design Options

RESIN SYSTEMS offers design engineers an unparalleled flexibility. Our liquid resin casting process provides many unique capabilities including the rapid manufacture of complex shapes, specialized material formulation, custom colors, as well as cast-in undercuts, threads, inserts and component encapsulation.

Why Liquid Resin Casting is the Total Solution

RESIN SYSTEMS can mobilize its unique engineering and manufacturing strengths on a quick turnaround basis. We offer a team approach, customized to specific project needs. Engineering, tooling and manufacturing specialists will work with you to explore a full range of options, suggest enhancements and optimize design implementations. You get total commitment to your objectives. Your product becomes our product.

Innovation, technical experience, hands-on know-how and sophisticated equipment are applied to the best possible solution in the shortest time possible. False starts, needless problems and unnecessary delays are a thing of the past.

RESIN SYSTEMS uses a variety of CAD software for tooling design. We are fully capable of receiving 2D and 3D data from most software programs. We offer a full complement of state-of-the-art pressure and vacuum casting equipment and CNC precision machining capability for close tolerance secondary operations.


In addition to creating components for a wide range of general purpose products, RESIN SYSTEMS specializes in several demanding areas where our expertise in formulations and refined production techniques has made us the leader…

  • Biomedical: The high quality appearance and performance of cast plastic parts, combined with the low tooling cost associated with the process, offer an excellent alternative to machined parts and injection molding for the biomedical industry. Urethane and epoxy casting are routinely specified in next generation medical devices.
  • High Voltage Insulators: RESIN SYSTEMS custom formulates epoxy resins and specialized fillers to produce high voltage insulators for the power transmission and distribution industry, as well as specialized equipment applications. These materials are non-tracking, self-scouring and their high chemical resistance and good mechanical properties allow them to perform in a wide variety of applications. Insulators are capable of sustaining up to 1000KV in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Microwave and RF Absorbers: The production of microwave loads and absorbers was a natural for RESIN SYSTEMS. The low power versions of these components were commonly made from a mixture of iron powder and resin. Up until this time the common practice for manufacturing a waveguide load would be to purchase raw material in either sheet, bar or rod form and machine the required shape. RESIN SYSTEMS began to cast loads to net shape sizes and were able to produce a product that was more consistent, accurate and far less expensive than a machined load. In 1987, RESIN SYSTEMS purchased The Electronautics Division of Dielectric Communications and quickly became the largest producer of cast microwave loads in the country. Epoxy, silicone and urethane materials can be loaded with varying amounts of filler content to tailor the microwave absorption characteristics to meet VSWR and attenuation requirements. Applications include flat sheet absorber, in-stock waveguide load elements and complete waveguide terminations.

Don’t Keep the Market Waiting for Your Next Product Design!

RESIN SYSTEMS’ casting technology can make each phase of product development more predictable, affordable and effective. Let us show you how liquid resin casting can contribute in a major way to design issue resolution, cost reduction strategies, more effective market testing and exploiting limited windows of opportunity. We can help you be first-and best-to market!