High Voltage Insulators and Bushings

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Resin Systems manufactures custom high voltage insulators, high voltage bushings, high voltage feed throughs and a wide variety of electrical insulator parts using custom formulated epoxy materials. These custom parts are cast using vacuum casting techniques and specialty thermoset epoxy materials.

Our epoxies can be custom formulated to suit specific requirements to optimize a design or application. Common filler materials consist of calcium carbonate, silica, and hydrated alumina. These materials have been customized to maximize critical material parameters such as dielectric strength, arc resistance, mechanical strength and x-ray shielding.

Resin Systems also specializes in X-Ray Shielded Insulators which are based on non-hazardous lead free epoxy formulas, as well as other proprietary lead free x-ray resistant materials. Resin Systems is a world class Epoxy Insulator Manufacturer.

Our high voltage insulators are commonly used in the Power, Transmission and Distribution Industry (PT&D), Semiconductor Industry, X-Ray Machinery and other Hi-Tech Industrial Machinery. Our insulators have been used in both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as under high vacuum and in SF6 environments.