Resin Systems Corporation
An Industry leader in the production of custom Liquid Resin Castings

62 Route 101-A
Amherst, NH 03031-2295

tel 603.673.1234
fax 603.673.4512

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Liquid Resin Casting
  • Low tooling costs (10% that of injection molding)
  • 3-4 week turnaround from print to part
  • Short run prototyping to long term production
  • Low to medium volume (1-5000 pieces)
  • Overmolding and encapsulations (inserts, specialty metal parts, etc.)
  • Custom colors, textures and durometers
  • Custom formulations of epoxies, rigid and flexible urethanes, and silicone rubber.
Cast Microwave Absorbing Materials
  • Cast waveguide absorbers and load elements
  • Terminations from WR-28 through WR-650
  • Tuned flexible sheet stock from 2-26 GHz
  • Custom inserts and absorbers
  • Raw materials
  • In-house electrical testing capabilities
  • Cast microwave absorbing materials
  • Microwave Absorbers
High Voltage Insulators and Bushings
  • Lead-free x-ray shielding materials
  • Custom cast epoxy components
  • Formulated materials with high dielectric strengths
  • Formulated materials with high arc resistance
  • Formulated materials with high X-ray shielding
  • Formulated materials with high mechanical strengths