Resin Systems Corporation

For more than six decades Resin Systems Corporation has dependably served customers worldwide by producing innovative custom liquid resin castings for industrial and high technology applications, cast microwave absorbing materials for RF applications, X-Ray Shielding applications, and high voltage electrical components.

Liquid Resin Casting

  • Low tooling costs (10% that of injection molding)
  • 3-4 week turnaround from print to part
  • Short run prototyping to long term production
  • Low to medium volume (1-5000 pieces)
  • Overmolding and encapsulations (inserts, specialty metal parts, etc.)
  • Custom colors, textures and durometers
  • Custom formulations of epoxies, rigid and flexible urethanes, and silicone rubber.

Cast Microwave Absorbing Materials

  • Cast waveguide absorbers and load elements
  • Terminations from WR-28 through WR-650
  • Tuned flexible sheet stock from 2-26 GHz
  • Custom inserts and absorbers
  • Raw materials
  • In-house electrical testing capabilities
  • Cast microwave absorbing materials
    Microwave Absorbers

High Voltage Insulators and Bushings

  • Lead-free x-ray shielding materials
  • Custom cast epoxy components
  • Formulated materials with high dielectric strengths
  • Formulated materials with high arc resistance
  • Formulated materials with high X-ray shielding
  • Formulated materials with high mechanical strengths

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