RS-2272 Lead Free X-Ray Shielding Epoxy Resin

RS-2272 is a patented, castable, lead free insulating grade filled epoxy resin specifically designed for high voltage insulator applications requiring X-Ray shielding. This material provides good electrical grade insulation properties, high mechanical properties, and superior arc resistance to any lead oxide filled epoxy. This material is non-flammable and meets UL94V-0.

Approximate Cured Properties

Color Red
X-Ray Shielding
9% of Lead
Density .094 LB/Cu In
Tensile Strength 5,000 PSI
Flexural Strength 8,000 PSI
Compression Strength 15,000 PSI
Elastic Modulus 1.4 MSI
Thermal Expansion 20×10`-6 In/In/Deg F
Dielectric Strength 310 V/Mil
Arc Resistance 130 Sec
Dielectric Constant 6.4 @ 1 kHz
Dissipation Factor .010 @ 1 kHz
Thermal Conductivity .8 Watt/Meter x K
Heat Distortion Temperature 220 deg F
Outgassing TML .21%
Outgassing CVCM .01%
Outgassing WVR .11%
April 2004