RS-2287 Lead Free X-Ray Shielding Epoxy

RS-2287 Lead Free X-Ray Shielding Epoxy Resin

RS-2287 is a high density, castable, lead free non-insulating grade filled epoxy resin designed for applications requiring x-ray shielding. This material provides 50% of the x-ray shielding of lead metal at a given thickness, has high mechanical properties, can be cast into complex shapes, and is easily machined with lead free processing techniques. this material is non-flammable and meets UL94V-0.

Approximate Cured Properties

Color                                                    Black
X-Ray Shielding effectiveness                 50% of Lead
Specific Gravity                                     .210 Lb/cu in
Tensile Strength                                    9,000 PSI
Flexural Strength                                   9,000 PSI
Compressive Strength                           15,000 PSI
Elastic Modulus                                   1.0 MSI
Thermal Expansion                               30×10-6in/in/deg F
Water Absorption                                 .05%
Heat Distortion Temp                             220 deg F



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