RS-2460 Epoxy Syntactic Foam

RS-2460 Epoxy Syntactic Foam

RS-2460 is a castable, epoxy based syntactic foam material that is a rigid plastic that can be custom molded to complex shapes or sold simply as plate stock. This material is a combination of our RS-2920 toughened epoxy and hollow glass microballoons. This material is lighter than water so can be used as a buoyant material or simply as a light weight plastic. It is electrically non-conductive and has low thermal conductivity.

Approximate Cured Properties

Color                                                 White, Black or Custom
Density                                             .020 Lb/cu in
Volume Resistivity @ 77 F                  1×10 14 ohms/cm
Water Absorption                               .05%
Heat Distortion Temp                          200 deg F
Thermal Conductivity                          < .2 Watts/Meter x K

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