RS-2525 Epoxy

RS-2525 is a castable, filled general purpose epoxy resin designed for electrical insulator applications. This material provides good electrical grade insulation properties, and superior resistance to chemicals including concentrated acids and mild alkalines.

Approximate Cured Properties

Color Red
Density .054 lb/cu in
Tensile Strength 5,000 PSI 3.5 Kg/mm2
Flexural Strength 8,000 PSI 5.6 Kg/mm2
Compression Strength 15,000 PSI 10.6 Kg/mm2
Elastic Modulus 1.0 MSI 700 Kg/mm2
Thermal Expansion 18×10`-6 in/in/deg F 32.4×10`-6 cm/cm/deg C
Dielectric Strength 450 V/Mil 18.7 KV/mm
Arc Resistance 100 SEC
Dielectric Constant 4.0 @ 60 Hz
Dissipation Factor .030 @ 60 Hz
Volume Resistivity 1×10`15 ohms/cm
Water Absorption 0.05%
Heat Distortion Temp 136 Deg F 58 Deg C
Thermal Conductivity .5 Watt/Meter x K
Outgassing TML .21%
Outgassing CVCM .01%
Outgassing WVR .11%

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